About Sarah Oliver

Sarah Oliver

Bold, blonde, voluptuous, sultry, and sexy...there are many words to describe her.

#SO Sarah Oliver

A woman you can't help but notice, and notice we have.

Some want to hate her, but most of us love and adore her. Whichever is the case, we all can't stop watching her and can't stop talking about her.

Sarah Oliver has captivated many people's attention with her many endeavors. First let's talk about the woman before we talk about her achievements and goals.

Sarah is a true Georgia Peach, born on Fort Stewart Military Base. Sarah lived in Hinesville as a baby while her Father was in the Army. Before she could even take her first step, she was living in the countryside of Palmetto. A true sassy Southern Bell!

As a small child Sarah was always surrounded by animals and pets. This is more likely where she gets her nurturing and loving side. Or maybe she was just born with it. Her Mother talks about how nice Sarah always was as a child. From the time Sarah was born she was thoughtful. No baby sleeps for six hours at night when they are born. This one is an angel.

Sarah's parents divorced when she was a small child. Life wasn't always easy for Sarah! Living between parents and custody battles she somehow always knew how to come out of any situation with that beautiful smile on her face.

From the time Sarah was in grade school and into her adult life, she lived in the Southside suburbs of Atlanta in Fayetteville. There is where she and her sister attended schools. This is where she met her first love, went to parties and lived the life of your typical teenager, sort of. This is where she shaved her head, pierced her face, went to punk rock shows, colored her hair purple, and dressed in a style no one ever saw...she was named, Barbie Goth by her classmates. A mixture of colorful fashions, gothic black attire, cute and ominous, all at once. She was always creative and always recreating herself.

In school, Sarah always excelled at everything she did. Her art teachers loved her. Her math teachers adored her. All of her teachers thought she was great. As a matter of fact, much of her artwork is still displayed in her Mother's home.

Sarah always prided herself with her intelligence and it was never a surprise when she came home with excellent report cards and on the honors lists. It was also never a surprise that she would occasionally get in trouble for being too outspoken. Even as a child Sarah spoke her mind. She was not one to let anyone walk all over her. In her first year of high school she quit for a semester to be home schooled to prove a point. She took on the board of education and stated that if an eleventh grader can have facial piercing, so can she as a freshman and as many as she wants. She went back after the first semester and her point was proven. The school board did not harass her again about her piercings. She also went back to school thinking she was behind in classes. Only to find out she was so far ahead of her classmates that she had to take all advanced classes.

Sarah attended college where she was a member of Phi Theta Kappa. Sarah was also on the Dean's list for all semesters with the exception of one for a brief moment. Sarah went to the Dean's office and got that straightened out very quickly, luckily it was a mistake. Back on the Dean's list, Sarah got her degree in psychology while working various jobs.

During college years, Sarah hosted parties, bartended, and was a VIP cocktail waitress for many different events. Such events include Dub Car Show, Nopi Nationals, parties for Atlanta Falcons, and more. These events are what influenced Sarah's path in discovering her passion and started pursuing her career in acting and modeling.

Sarah Oliver

Sarah's career started taking off with modeling jobs such as ads in Jezebel Magazine, the novel cover for MVP Reloaded by Jihad, Classmates USA Bikini Calendar 2009, cover model on two 1800-Radiators Calendars 2010, including doing ads for big name companies such as Tag Body Spray and Cuervo, which was shown in magazines such as Maxim.

Being featured in calendars inspired Sarah to establish her own business, SO Enterprises. Her first project was to create her own calendar. Now an entrepreneur, Sarah took charge of the entire production, hiring staff, putting together the design, and created a Sarah Oliver Calendar for 2011 and 2012. This made her career progress even further, making her a very busy woman. She not only has the beauty to be the face of a brand but also has the brains to be behind the scenes as well.

Sarah's beautiful image began emerging everywhere. Her curvaceous body has brought the attention of designers, promoters, photographers,and musical artists... She captivated many, not just with her looks but also with her charm.

Sarah can be seen in magazines such as Maxim, Jezebel, Playboy, Show Magazine, Blackmen Magazine, and was the cover and feature model for AlleChant Belles' debut issue.

Sarah has been the feature model in music videos such as 2 Chainz "Like Me," and can also been seen in videos with artists such as Gucci Mane, Rick Ross, Jermaine Dupri, Keri Hilson, and more.

Sarah's strong desire to start her career in acting was growing more and more with everything she did. She quickly started appearing on TV and in movies: Atlanta Brave's Baseball Commercial, Episode of BET's "The Game", "Best of the Best" on CMT, “Atlanta Fitness Beauties” on MAV TV. Sarah was also a guest on NBC's Trisha Goddard Show where they talked about A Day in the Life of Sarah Oliver.

Sarah played “Hot Girl” in the comedy movie “Van Wilder 3” starring Jonathan Bennette. Her image as "Hot Girl" was in Playboy for "Best Erotic Scene in Cinemas". She also worked alongside Jurnee Smollett-Bell and Robbie Jones in Tyler Perry's Temptation. Sarah speaks about being thrilled working with Atlanta's own Tyler Perry and hopes to work with him again one day soon.

Today, we see her image plastered on TV again. Her brilliant blonde hair flowing gracefully as she throws down on Oxygen's Bad Girls Club Miami, Season 11. #SO Bad! Airing August 13, 2013. A fan favorite, yet most hated by her cast members. Sarah has stirred up quite a buzz on all of the social networks.

Currently in the works, Sarah is on a project with CEO/music producer of DO WORK Enterprises, Memphitz Wright and on her own she is Executive Producer of.... these are being kept under wraps. #SO secret!

Sarah custom designs fashion accessories such as hair bows, shoes, and hats by adding flare and dazzle with Swarovski Crystals. Soon to fully launch the #SO brand by creating her own t-shirt line. Sarah is also currently working with longtime friend, Timothy Maurice on her own signature bikini. It's going to be #SO Sexy!

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And even a little Braun...

#SO Sarah Oliver!

Remember to keep an eye out for the new 2014 Sarah Oliver Calendar