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"Tales from the Bad Bitch Reunion"

See what led up to ZEUS Network's
"The Conversation" & "Baddies Atl

You will receive your Digital Book by email - Please ensure
your email address is correct when purchasing.

Must be 18 years of age. Book is Rated R.


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Get my book below to 
Watch the Full Season NOW !!

Get SOsnatched & SOlit 
while watching SOexposed for FREE by the #QueenofReceipts

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My 1st Book "Queen of Receipts"  

NOW available on YouTube! 

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. How do I get my book?

You will receive a link by email within 24 hours of purchasing. 

2. What if it won't let me open the book?

Try using the free dropbox app - Open to view (not download - it takes up a lot of space)  

3. What if the link isn't working?

Make sure to use the same email address as your purchase. If you purchased with a different email, create a new free account with email as you used to purchase.

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